What are the symbols and their values in the Diamond Strike game

The Alluring Symbols and Their Impressive Values in Diamond Strike Game

Diamond Strike, developed by Pragmatic Play, is one of the most engaging and high-paying online slot games that leaves players immersed in its bright and vibrant interface. This game transforms a classic theme into a modern, high definition world of fun, combining traditional symbols with striking bonuses and mini-games. This enchanting game is renowned for its distinctive symbols and their matching values. Undoubtedly, understanding the symbols, their appearances, and the rewards they represent is crucial to a rewarding gaming experience. Let's delve into the various symbols and their respective values in the Diamond Strike game.

1. The Diamond

As suggested by the game's title, the Diamond is the most essential symbol. This sparkling gemstone is the Wild symbol in Diamond Strike, representing the game's centerpiece. It can take the place of any other symbol except for the 'Free Spins' and 'Golden 7' to complete a winning combination. Landing five Diamonds on a payline can promptly reward you with an impressive 300 coins.

2. The Golden 7 (Bonus symbol)

The Golden 7 symbol is essentially the game's Bonus symbol, luring players with promising rewards. This exclusive symbol only appears on reel one, three, and five. Landing three Golden 7s triggers the Jackpot Bonus Game, where players have the opportunity to win one of the four available jackpots i.e., Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. The Mega jackpot promises a hefty prize of 1000 times your stake.

3. The Number 7 (Standard symbol)

Next to the Diamond and Golden 7, there's the standard Number 7. It's a high paying symbol in the game, yielding a prize of up to 200 coins when five are matched on a payline. Although it's not as lucrative as the Diamond, it does contribute significantly to ultimate winnings.

4. The Bell

Resonating with traditional slop shop, the Bell is another high-paying symbol. Five matching Bells in a payline can reward you with 100 coins. The Bell symbol also fans the nostalgia as it's one of the classic symbols that adorned the first mechanical slot machines.

5. Fruits

Diamond Strike has three various fruits: Cherries, Lemons, and Plums. Even though these symbols pay less compared to others, their frequent appearances on the reels compensate for their lower value. The common payout from these fruits is 40 coins when matching five on a payline.

6. Free Spins Scatter

The Free Spin Scatter is represented by the “Free Spins” icon. If three of these symbols show up on reels one, three, and five, one gets to trigger the Free Spins Feature. Initially, eight free spins are awarded, but the feature can be re-triggered with more scatters landing on the reels. It's during these free spins that more Diamonds are added to the reels, increasing the chances of landing significant wins.

In conclusion, Diamond Strike, with its multifaceted symbols and their corresponding values, provides an engaging blend of entertainment and rewarding gaming experience. Each symbol carries a different value and contributes to the game's overall appeal in its unique way. The diversified winning potential in the Diamond Strike game, conveyed through these icons, makes it a favorite among gamers, promising not just fun, but a striking balance between risk and reward.