Understanding the payout system in Pragmatic Play's Safari King game

Safari King: A Thrilling Online Slot Game with a Unique Payout System

Safari King is an enthralling online slot game developed by the highly acclaimed Pragmatic Play, a leading content provider to the iGaming industry. The game, outfitted with an engaging African Savannah theme, promises a thrilling gaming experience. However, key to enjoying and benefiting from any online gaming pursuit is understanding its payout system. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Safari King, with particular focus on its unique and gratifying payout system.

The Core of the Payout System: 50 Active Paylines

Safari King is a 5-reel video slot with 50 active paylines – a core component of its payout system. Every spin could yield a return as long as the winning combination is present along the active paylines. Reinforcing this is the captivating game interface which displays lion symbols, elephant symbols, and other African wildlife, all of which have different payouts associated with them.

High and Low-Value Symbols

The game employs a combination of low-value and high-value symbols. Lower-value symbols are the general deck of cards values, that pays out less but appears more frequently. These range from the number 9 to King. High-value symbols comprise of several wildlife creatures, including the King of the Safari himself, the Lion, which offers the highest potential return.

The Principle of Increasing Prize Values

The payout system in Safari King is primarily driven by the principle that prize values increase in tandem with the value of the respective symbols. Landing 3 or more identical symbols on an active payline generates a profit. A win is calculated by multiplying the symbol’s payout by the player’s stake per line. For instance, if a bet of $1 is placed on a line and three lion symbols appear on that line, a win of $10 would be recorded, assuming the lion's payout value is 10x the stake.

The Thrill of Wild and Bonus Symbols

The wild and bonus symbols in Safari King introduce an additional thrilling layer to its payout system. The wild symbol represented by the Safari King himself replaces all symbols except the bonus symbol. It only appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 and whilst it doesn't offer any payouts of its own, it significantly boosts winning chances by bridging gaps in paylines.

On the other hand, the bonus symbol is illustrated by a diamond. The bonus symbol can land on any reel and if you're lucky enough to get three diamonds on one spin, you are instantly rewarded with 8 free spins. These free spins significantly increase your chances of winning without having to stake any additional funds.

Moreover, during these free spins, every wild symbol that appears on the screen stays locked in its position until the end of the free spin sequence. This increases the odds of landing a winning combination. A player can win up to 1000x their original stake on free spins alone, which makes Safari King highly rewarding.

Understanding Betting Options and RTP

Understanding betting options is also crucial in comprehending the payout system. The betting range for Safari King starts from a meagre $0.50 extending to a more daring upper limit of $250 per spin. This makes the game highly appealing and accessible to both low and high-stakes players.

Furthermore, Safari King, like other games from Pragmatic Play, displays its Return to the Player (RTP) openly. It amounts to 96.49%, indicating the percentage of all bets that the game will, statistically, return to players over an extended period of gameplay. Thus it can assure players of a fair payout system while paving the way for potentially significant gains.

Mastery of the Payout System

Achieving mastery over the payout system in Safari King demands a blend of comprehension, strategy, and patience. Each symbol, each spin, and each stake carries potential consequences. Enjoy the exhilarating thrill of the chase in this remarkable tribute to the wild, as you unravel the payout system's intricacies.

In Conclusion

In summary, the payout system in Safari King hinges on an understanding of the game's high and low-value symbols, the dynamics of its wild and bonus symbols, adopting effective betting strategies, and leveraging the free spins while taking cognizance of its impressive RTP. By mastering these features of Safari King's payout system, players stand an enhanced chance of a big win while they embark on this picturesque safari adventure with Pragmatic Play.