What technologies are being used by Evolution Gaming in their live casino games that are revamping online gambling

Revolutionizing Online Gambling: The Advanced Technologies of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, a Swedish firm renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional online gaming experiences, is transforming the landscape of online gambling with its cutting-edge technologies. By continuously experimenting with innovative solutions, Evolution Gaming is not only improving playability but also enhancing engagement and fairness in gameplay.

High Definition Streaming

One of the core technologies implemented by Evolution Gaming is High Definition (HD) video streaming. This elevates the users' experience by delivering real-time, crystal clear, lag-free video feeds that ensure players do not miss a second of the action. These immersive visuals bring the realism of a brick-and-mortar casino right to the comfort of a player's dwelling, providing a seamless gambling experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Evolution Gaming is adeptly blending the virtual and real-world using Augmented Reality. AR provides an immersive 3D gaming environment that enhances the overall user experience. Their live casino product called "Immersive Roulette" has successfully leveraged this technology, allowing players to follow every spin of the ball with a Hollywood-style, multi-camera setup with slow-motion replays.

Multiple Game Play

To enrich user engagement, Evolution Gaming offers an innovative Multi-Game Play feature. This allows players to participate in up to four live games simultaneously on a single screen. By catering to enthusiasts who enjoy multi-table play, Evolution Gaming is bolstering its stand in the online gambling arena.

Interactive Chat Features

Interactive chat features play a significant role in the quintessential live casino experience offered by Evolution Gaming. These features enable real-time communication between players and dealers, fostering a truly interactive gaming environment that bridges the gap between online and offline gambling experiences.

Advanced Game Statistics

The implementation of Advanced Game statistics technology provides a player with a comprehensive history of previous game rounds. This information assists players in strategizing their gameplay efficiently. Packed with features that enable players to track their personal history, hot numbers, and cold numbers, these statistics tools can help users make informed gambling decisions.

Green Screen Technology

The use of the Green Screen Technology, also known as Chroma Key Technology, is a notable aspect of Evolution Gaming's live casinos. This technology allows for the seamless integration of various realistic backgrounds, enabling the creation of a variety of casino settings that enhance the gaming experience.

Mobile-optimized Platform

In response to the growth of mobile gambling, Evolution Gaming has optimized its platform for mobile devices. This mobile-friendly platform ensures that all games are compatible with smartphones and tablets, thus allowing players to gamble anytime and anywhere.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Evolution Gaming harnesses OCR technology for data collection and verification in their live games. This ensures that game outcomes are fair and transparent. Information such as cards dealt or the number on which the roulette ball lands is instantly transmitted to players, thus ensuring fair gameplay.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

In addition to live dealer games, Evolution Gaming uses RNG technology in some of its offerings. This technology ensures the randomness of the result, offering a fair gambling environment. Their First Person Gaming (FPG) series, a blend of RNG and live casino gaming, is a prime example, offering 'Go Live' buttons for a seamless transition between the two.

These technologies are not just enhancing the gaming experience, they are reshaping the online gambling industry. By continuously adapting and embracing advancement, Evolution Gaming is certainly securing its future as a pioneering force in the realm of live casino gaming. With player-centric innovations, Evolution Gaming continues to set the benchmark for online gambling, promising a digital gaming experience akin to real-world casino gambling providing equal measures of thrill and fair play.